Dr. Majid Fotuhi
Founder and Medical Director

I love seeing patients and my mission is to make sure every one of my patients achieves the best results possible.

Every patient has his/her own story. I enjoy learning not only about their symptoms but also about their life’s experiences, their goals for the future, their hobbies, and what things are important to them. Patients are not just a collection of symptoms, they are human beings with emotions, challenges, and aspirations.

It is important for me to understand the root cause of their concerns and treat them as a whole. I often bond with my patients and treat them as if they are my own family members. I take pleasure in listening to my patients carefully in order to find out what bothers them the most and how I can help them improve their symptoms and alleviate their concerns. I have an upbeat and positive attitude and have confidence in my ability to help my patients gain significant recovery in a short period of time. Having seen thousands of patients with various neurological disorders, and having trained and worked at top institutions such as Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School, I enjoy treating patients who have complicated neurological issues. More than 80% of my patients who have mild cognitive impairment, post-concussive syndrome, dizziness, vertigo, migraine, or attention deficit disorder see remarkable improvements within weeks of starting my multi-disciplinary treatment protocols.