Neurological Evaluation

After reviewing your medical records and learning about your concerns, Dr. Fotuhi may perform a neurological exam to find out all potential causes of your issue.  This usually includes special testing of your motor and sensory abilities to determine which components of the neurological system may be contributing to your issue. 


Brain Mapping (qEEG)

Brain mapping, also known as quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), records the brain’s electrical activity at multiple sites on the surface of the scalp.  By comparing the results to a database of healthy normal individuals the same age and gender as the client, we are able to develop a treatment protocol that specifies sites on the scalp and brain wave elements to be trained.

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Neurocognitive Testing

Our comprehensive battery of neurocognitive tests can assess your cognitive function in regards to memory, attention, processing speed, and abstract thinking.  By comparing the results to those of other people your age, we can see which parts of your brain are strong and which parts could be improved.  We also provide clinical questionnaires for holistic views of a patient’s health. 

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EEG-based Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that uses your brain wave patterns (obtained via live EEG recording) to help you become more calm and focused.  Based on a large number of placebo-controlled research studies, neurofeedback harnesses your brain’s natural neuroplasticity system to improve your attention, focus, sleep, and mood.  

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Brain Coaching

Brain coaching is a one-on-one session with your dedicated, trained advocate.  During your sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk with your brain coach in order to find easy ways to enhance your memory, reduce stress, improve organizational skills, and discover creative solutions to your challenging life circumstances. ​

Your Brain Coach Will (click to expand)

  • Serve as a dedicated advocate for you during your program to make sure you obtain the best results possible
  • Teach you ways to improve your diet, exercise and sleep pattern (if needed)
  • Provide you with instructions for meditation and other relaxation techniques
  • Teach you how to memorize a list of 20-40 items, forwards and backwards (some patients memorize a list of 100-160 items—it is easier than you think)
  • Teach exercises to rehabilitate different cognitive domains
  • Communicate your progress to Dr. Fotuhi and other members of the team


 Fitness Testing

Latest research shows that the most important factor for improving your brain function is better physical fitness.  People who improve their fitness, as measured by a factor called VO2-max, expand the size of brain areas that are critical for memory and attention.

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