We can boost your memory.

Dr. Fotuhi has over 25 years of research and clinical experience at Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School in the field of memory, aging, and brain rehabilitation.  He has developed a “Brain Fitness Program” that has been shown to have an 84 percent success rate… (Read More)

Concussion & TBI

We can help you rebuild your brain.

Sometimes patients who suffered a concussion have lingering symptoms for weeks, months, or even years. Dr. Fotuhi, with his expertise in the fields of memory, migraine, sleep, anxiety, and dizziness, has put together a successful program for such patients…(Read More)


We can help you conquer your headaches.

Patients with migraine are often sensitive to many triggers in their environment. They have excruciating sensitivity to light, sound, and certain foods. They tend to suffer from frustration when their symptoms…(Read More)


We can sharpen your focus.

We offer a comprehensive program which includes a drug-free treatment for children or adults with ADD or ADHD, called neurofeedback.  This is a safe and effective method that has been supported by numerous placebo-controlled clinical trials… (Read More)

Dizziness & Vertigo

We can help you stop your dizziness.

Dr. Fotuhi completed a one-year fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital and served as the director of the center for balance, dizziness, and vertigo at Sinai Hospital…(Read More)

Anxiety & Insomnia

We can help you calm your nerves.

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia can significantly harm your brain in the long term. Patients with chronic anxiety and poor sleep may find it difficult to function…(Read More)

In the press

Media interviews


March 2018

To avoid Alzheimer’s don’t wait for a miracle drug. Sleep, diet and exercise may do more.When drug giant Pfizer announced earlier this year it was exiting the neuroscience bus….(Read More)


September 2017

7 Learning Projects That Will Keep Your Brain Sharp: Worried about dementia and Alzheimer’s? Try these strategies to keep your memory going strong. Big on “brain” foods and supp…? (Read More)


August 2016

Untangling Alzheimer’s: Majid Fotuhi built his first brain out of wood and foam. It was the best way, he thought, to help his fellow students at Harvard grasp how complex and…(Read More)


February 2016

Brain Fitness Program May Ease Cognitive Impairment in Elderly: Many elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment experienced better brain function after a “fitness”…(Read More)

Medical Daily

February 2016

Personalized Brain Games May Stop the Brain from Shrinking with Age: Growing old grants humans the opportunity to experience life in great lengths; however, the brain and body naturally…(Read More)


February 2016

Some Brain Games May Grow the Size of Your Brain:Nothing good lasts forever, and that’s especially true of a healthy brain. An unfortunate part of healthy aging is that parts of it shrink over time…(Read More)

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